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Reinventing #reslife one city at a time

Who we are

Times are changing. And so is the student and off-campus experience. At Respublica we’re inspired by our mission to re-imagine the face of student accommodation. Our state-of-the-art residences balance comfort and convenience; designed towards creating environments ideally suited to your growth and success, in both academic and social spheres. We instil excellence into all that we do and we’re committed to supporting students on their path to achieve and thrive. We care about the details because we care about you. We are Respublica Student Living.

We go the extra mile in setting up spaces for you to achieve your best.

What we do

Founded in 2011, Respublica develops, owns and manages student accommodation and we’re driven to consistently up-level the standards for the residence lifestyle in South Africa. The design of our apartment and studio-style living spaces is centred around our student communities. Every res is close to a campus, with a major bus route nearby – so you can either walk to class or opt for a swift commute to get you there.

With a clear focus on security measures, there is biometric access control, 24/7 manned security and CCTV surveillance installed in all our buildings. We pride ourselves in creating residences where students can feel at home and have their productivity supported. Well-maintained computer centres, dedicated study areas and uncapped Wi-Fi form part of the considered framework we keep in place, providing an ideal environment for students to concentrate their energies on coursework and develop confidence and independence. Our communal social spaces, laundromats and fitness centres encourage positive interaction and wellness. The inspiring and individual personalities of each of our residences are a carefully considered blend of both practical and playful – where students can find balance and a base to build their futures from.

Ensuring a safe and harmonious environment is a priority in our all-inclusive student lifestyle. Our house rules and guidelines, with in-house and on-site student representatives, as part of our pioneering Res Life Education Program (RELP), are among the important elements that contribute to our Respublicans feeling supported to work, play and grow.

What’s our secret

What makes us unique is the holistic nature of our company and team’s management approach. Our journey with each residence begins from the ground up, as we oversee all aspects of construction and operations. Our involvement spans the entire framework – from site acquisition, conceptualising design and building, right the way through to management of residence life. Our property development, facilities management, residence life and finance teams are able to collaborate as an interconnected unit, resulting in unparalleled success in the delivery of:

  • New developments, both on and off campus (development and project management)
  • On-and-off-campus residence management solutions (both facilities and residence life services)

We’re passionate about supporting students to succeed and thrive.

Our financial skills

Our specialist financial team has a clear track record of working closely with institutional funders to deliver innovative finance structures for our residence projects. We also work closely with our university and corporate customers to deliver differentiated and affordable student accommodation, along with quality student management services. This unique blend of financial expertise and operating experience brings unrivalled strength to our projects.

Our Respublicans inspire us

Our daily contact and interactions with students keep us up to date and moving forward– we’re always finding ways to build on and improve how we meet your accommodation needs. We’re passionate about supporting students to succeed and thrive and we’ve learnt that this includes having a space that they can make their own. One that they can enjoy sharing with other gamechangers on the path to achieving their goals. That’s why our all-inclusive lifestyles provide so much more than just a desk and a bed. From free Wi-Fi to a well-stocked canteen, res life means a full life for our community of Respublicans!

Our vision

To be regarded as the industry leader in providing aspirational lifestyles through our innovation and expertise.

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