Regulation laws

The laws and regulations followed are in accordance with those set out by the South African Government.

Refund policy

Students will be required to submit a refund request. Qualifying students’ refunds will be processed within 21 days.

Transactional currency

All quoted amounts are in South African Rands.

Cancellation policy

Contracts with natural persons can be cancelled with 1 calendar month notice unless stated otherwise.

When can I register at the Respublica residences?

You can register with us in advance of the academic year. Remember to book early because if you leave it later than early February you may miss out.

What do I get with my rent?

Each residence may differ slightly, but in general your rent will allow free access to the facility that includes:

  • Wi-Fi with limitless data
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Laundry room (washing machines, tumble dryers and wash lines)
  • Parking
  • Utilities (lights and water)
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • PC lab
  • Recreation areas (braai, games room and outdoor chill areas)
  • Study rooms
  • TV rooms

Access to the above is all at no additional cost.

How long is the agreement period and do I have to pay a deposit?
If it is a university leased residence (Roscommon House and Yale Village), the length of the agreement will be prescribed by the university. If you are a private paying student, the agreement will be a minimum of 10 months long. But don’t stress, this is not a fixed-term contract and can be cancelled by giving us a calendars month notice. All students are required to pay a breakage deposit which is fully refundable should there be no breakages and your rental is up to date. In some cases, NSFAS funded students to not have to pay the deposit, this is university specific.
What should I bring with me when I move into a residence?
Each room in the residence is equipped with the following: bed, mattress, study desk, chair, and cupboard (with shelves and hanging spaces). Each apartment or single studio room is also equipped with a stove, microwave and a fridge, so we do not allow students to bring any of these items themselves. However, students do need to bring cutlery and crockery, bed linen and towels.
What should I not bring?
Fridge, microwave, toaster, bar heater or any kind of furniture (as noted just above). If you want to bring your own bar fridge please clear this with our Res Manager before you arrive.
How do I do my laundry?
All residences have laundry rooms, equipped with washing machines and driers. The use of the laundry rooms is free of charge for current residents. Note that we do not supply cleaning materials, powders or detergents.
Will I have internet access?
You will have access to Wi-Fi throughout the res with limitless data at no additional cost. After you have checked in, please log onto your Hi-Res profile (the Respublica portal) and activate your Wi-Fi account. Please see the Res Administrator if you need any further assistance. And for those that do not have their own laptop, or PC, there is a PC lab onsite where you will be able to go online and work on university projects.
Am I allowed to bring my car? And will there be parking available?
Yes, you are allowed to bring your car and parking is free. For your access sticker, contact the Res Manager of your residence.
I don't have a car, how will I be able to get to campus?
For most of our residences, campus is in walking distance. However, there is transport included in the monthly rent for Urban Nest, Eastwood Village and West City. For students living at Roscommon House, you can catch the UCT bus that has a stop just behind the res.
Will I be able to do my shopping nearby?
All our residences are located close to grocery stores. If you don’t have time for shopping, you can also enjoy the home cooked meals supplied in the canteen where applicable.
What about meals? Can I use my Fundi card for meals?
Saratoga Village and West City are the only residences with operational canteens. Both these canteens are affiliated with Fundi and therefore meals can be bought at these outlets making use of your food allowance that is loaded onto your Fundi card. This only applicable for NSFAS students.
Do I have to vacate my room in the holiday period?
We only require you to vacate your bedroom in two cases: on expiry of the lease, or if it is a policy of the University that you leave the residence during the holiday period. Other than that you are welcome to stay with us during the holiday periods. Should you wish to leave your belongings with us over the December break you would have to follow the standard pre-booking process with the residence management staff.

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