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Res Life Education Programme

Goals and objectives

  • The primary objective of Respublica’s RLEP is to integrate a student’s learning and living environment as not to let them function separately.
  • Student Life and Development: To create an on-campus experience in our off-campus residences.
  • To create a community that models openness, civility, maturity and respect to all people.
  • To encourage community members that are active participants in the intellectual, religious, cultural, athletic, and current affairs of the community.
  • Providing employment, leadership and learnership opportunities to university fellows and students.

The Three Pillars to RLEP

Academic / Life Skill Support

Academic Support Structures are put in place to collaborate with universities to leverage mentorship programmes to assist students with their studies whilst in residence.

Life Skills Programmes commence shortly after the residence intake has settled. The objective of the programmes / courses will be to make a meaningful difference to students by equipping them with tools learned in programmes to cope with basic life skills.

Sport & Recreational Programmes

Respublica assists with forming and supporting sporting teams in each residence with the due objective of bringing people together and making the students feel part of the on-campus vibe.

Clubs and Societies are established to encourage students to socialize and integrate with one another and leverage university infrastructure to make students part of the on-campus social curricula.

Social, Community & Environmental Engagement

Social responsibility programmes not only drive personal development but enhance community building within the residences and in the Respublica family as a whole.

This is done through fun social events, community service days and cultural activities. We also promote that all residences have student-driven environmentally friendly initiatives.

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