Student Testimonials

The Fields

“The Fields is the coolest res i’ve stayed at since starting varsity. It’s only a pity this my final year – I would stay here for good… LOL :-)”
Omphile Kanyane – Btech Mining Engineering
“The Fields is an awesome place and its environment is great for studying. The staff members are friendly and very helpful. The cleaners are doing great work, this place is clean!”
Phumudzo Moses Ranwedzi – Btech Mining Engineering

Urban Nest

“Providing excellent accommodation, Urban Nest is an excellent place for students. With great facilities available you will feel absolutely at home. The students are the number one priority with the staff doing all that they can to ensure that you are able to pursue your studies in a student friendly environment. Apart from the security, the best thing to look forward to is the food. A diverse menu is available to suit students’ many different appetites and schedules. Furthermore, one always has the option to make him/herself a meal in the comfort of his/her own room! Urban Nest is truly the perfect student hub!”
Lionel Shoniwa – Administration HK
“I would like to thank Urban Nest for their welcoming of the Olienhout residence. Since we have been here, we have received the highest standard of hospitality and service. The staff are efficient and friendly, always serving us to the best of their ability. The rooms are in immaculate condition, and provide a favourable environment to study and thrive in. The flexible cafeteria hours are a great help to students on the move and the food of a high standard. The facilities are exceptional, especially the study centre and gym which are most appealing. The one criticism I have is the lack of dryers in the laundry room. This, along with the small number of washing machines makes laundry an arduous task. Lastly, the biometric system is an innovative security measure, and this coupled with an active security force gives us peace of mind.All-in-all, the facilities and service are of a high standard and we look forward to staying at Urban Nest for the rest of the semester.”
Zain Makda – Urban Nest Resident (Olienhout)

West City

“I like the practical things at Respublica, like the clean and pleasant environment and the cleaning services and laundry facilities.”
Mieshack Fumani
“It’s always clean here and the management always treats us with respect. They are always available to assist us and make sure we are happy here. They make you feel like a part of a family.”
Thabile Thabethe
“I love how Respublica strives for perfection, supplies better living and has helped me achieve better academic results. It’s great that there is ‘Ubuntu’ and unity among students.”
Lesego Naane
“I choose to stay with Respublica because the facilities here give me every reason to excel. I have been awarded a bursary because I’ve achieved such high results and I know that I couldn’t have done it without Respublica.”
Nompilo Brilliant Cele

Eastwood Village

“From the onset as arrived in Eastwood Village I felt home because the welcoming team was friendly and generous. The Management team has always been responsive and problem solving to challenges I’ve come across during the course of the year. I would like to take these opportunity and thank them for the wondrous service they have offered me. As a soccer player, I enjoyed my soccer talent throughout the competitions and academic seminars that the House committee organized for us. I would like to appreciate the cleaning team for keeping our surroundings healthy and clean at all times. The security team has been perfect. I have never been disappointed.”
Peter Van Rooyen – Eastwood Village
“I have had the best stay at Eastwood Village having to choose student accommodation as a first-year student is complicated since it’s a first time experience I don’t regret my choice. From the front desk assistants part of stuff management, you will get the most effective service, all the way to the cleaning stuff and maintenance team, that ensures an environment fit for student living. The facilities provided a thriving environment for my academic year using the WIFI and the study rooms made sure my academics are on point, thanks to Eastwood’s Village.”
Tshepiso Hlongwane- Eastwood Village

Lincoln House

“Respublica has made it worthwhile to study in Bloemfontein as a first year student because It feels like home away from home. My lifestyle as a student living at Lincoln House has been very convenient and captivating. I look forward to staying here once again.”
Moleboheng Radise – Lincoln House
“The past 10 months of my stay at Lincoln House have been very educational on both a professional and work level. I anticipated a change from the scenery I was used to from my previous residence, but not one of this magnitude. The entire psyche of a person affiliated with Respublica is in itself different. Looking back over the past year, the Battle of the Residence event was the one which stood out. As an RA, I was part of the organising committee and I saw the event build-up from ideas to the actual tournament we had envisaged. The fact that we were able to travel to Midrand and Pretoria as residence was for me indicative of the possibilities that lie in this brand of residences. It is through such and similar events, which connect people from various backgrounds, race, religion and creed.”
Sandile Mnguni – Lincoln House
“My stay at Lincoln House has been a very great experience. As a senior student who stayed on campus I moved to Respublica to move away from the residence orientated space. Lincoln House, to my surprise also had that residence life program, but one which is very different from that of my previous residence. The first solid interaction was with my unit mates and they set the tone for me. I am surrounded by mature and calm people who were very welcoming when I moved in. The highlight of my year was the Ultimate Shutdown party we hosted on the first semester. It was fantastic to see our residence organising such a massive event, which has never before been organized by a residence at the University of the Free State. It gave a lot of us the opportunity to get to know more residents that reside here and the opportunity to brag to our friends. Apart from the seamless infrastructure, the people at Respublica, Lincoln House have become my family.”
Boemo Molefe – Lincoln House
“The past 5 months have been nothing short of incredible, in that the expectations I had, are met, far beyond what I had imagined. Having lived in a residence on campus, my focus was only on the completion of my degree – little did I know that I would be experiencing something far greater as well. I have grown as an individual through the people I have met here, and the initiatives conducted. My fondest experience was that of the trip to Midrand for Battle of the Residences. I was forced to socialize on the trip and that move out of comfort zone, has earned me a lifelong friend. It was also nice to get to know the other Respublica residences and being a part of the big Respublica family. I also enjoyed watching the various sporting codes which I had not done in quite some time. That event in itself covers my experience at Lincoln House thus far.”
Dineo Monethi– Lincoln House
“My first time in Bloemfontein was remarkable, a different city, and a new chapter in my life. I was anxious to find the perfect place for me, so when I stumbled upon Respublica I knew in my heart that it was the place to be in. I can say in the words of Romeo and Juliet that it was “love at first sight”. The first person I met was Ausi Phumzile, such an amazing human being. She welcomed me with such a loving smile and also gave me a tour around the place, I instantly felt at home. I’m glad to call this place my home. Everyone here is so friendly, caring and loving. Not forgetting about the events that take part in Respublica, which help us academically, with our social lives and community engagement. Republica’s RA’s have taught us a lot about learning to give to the less privileged, being more active in every event that takes place here and being kind to others at all times. My highlight thus far was when we went to Pretoria for battle of the reses, I had such an amazing time engaging with other legends from Respublica and fighting for that spirit trophy. I can honestly say, it’s an honour and privilege to be living in such a place I call home away from home. Respublica is such a vibe, everyone enjoys being here. I love the services provided here, and how it’s so easy to communicate our problems. I truly appreciate the staff members and everything that has to do with Respublica.”
Deborah Bukasa Lincoln House
“My stay in the year 2018 at Respublica, Lincoln House has been an absolutely great one. Lincoln House is a home away from home for me and I love the safe and inclusive community we belong to. It is not your typical private residence, it is different and the leadership team is concerned with doing all they can to help you better yourself, through initiatives such as the mentorship program, where we learnt how to create a CV and LInkedIn profile and learner’s and drivers’ license challenge. I never thought I would learn so much, but I am really grateful that my stay at Lincoln House was one that encouraged academics, awareness on social issues, diversity and fun.”
Samukelisiwe Msimang – Lincoln House
“I remember the first day for me was cool, I mean how you guys helped to move in and all the admin process was smooth as it could be as we didn’t bring all the necessary documents, but still you helped. The rooms were in great shape, I mean everything looked new.”
Lerato Ntseno – Lincoln House
“I’m impressed with how bound the security is. I feel like I am guaranteed safety with my personal possessions because we have active cameras in all the public spaces and entrance is strictly monitored. Another great thing is the unlimited access to all the facilities in the residence (swimming pool, laundry, DSTV, gym and WiFi). The management together with the RAs, is very impressive as well because they’ve been able to communicate actively with the residents and render services in due time. The team has been able to provide a friendly space for every resident to feel comfortable with each other, which is remarkable for me as an antisocial person.”
Ayabonga Vazi – Lincoln House
“My Lincoln House experience is one to be cherished and remembered. Lincoln House isn’t just a beautiful building, it is home to beautiful people too. The people I have met and the relationships I’ve made here are unmatched. It is great to stay in a place that is student-friendly, where working hard and playing hard is promoted. My personal favourite advantage of staying here is all the facilities that are open for us to use 24/7. It was quite a relief to find that I would not have to go on campus to use the library for study purposes or the computer labs for research as that had already been provided for e. It has been quite an enjoyable stay. Respublica has made my Varsity life so exciting and memorable.”
Lungile Simelane – Lincoln House
“As an old on-campus resident and student of the University of Free State, I was always involved in sports and other organizations and felt that my experience was the best it could be. Spontaneous late-night adventures, early morning breakfast with my friends, going crazy at the assemblies and going to the rugby games. It was perfect! Then at the end of 2017 I heard about this new Off-campus residence, Lincoln House. At first, I was scared and not sure if I wanted to move out of my comfort zone and try something “new”. As a curious and adventurous individual, I decided to become part of this new phenomenon.I’m currently the Fellow of Lincoln House, Respublica, in the leafy suburb of Universitas. Being part of the first-generation students of Lincoln House I have gained so much, my leadership skills have improved and the people I have networked with are remarkable. Being in a community is a legendary experience. We participate in community service, we fund raise, we go to informal and formal events, we make friends from all walks of life, and sometimes encounter situations where we realize our own strengths, our purposes, and what it is to be authentically empathetic. I am proud to be one of the Lincoln Legends of 2018. #BLUEPRINT!”
Chriszaan Du Plessis- Lincoln House
Corporate Testimonials

“I can report that all students appear to be extremely happy with the standard and quality of accommodation offered. I have found the Respublica management to be extremely cooperative and helpful at all times, and highly responsive to my queries and requests. The on-site Residence Management structures appear to be attuned with student’s need and behaviours and as such can provide regular and important feedback to me on key issues with regard to student behaviours and habits. I have no hesitation in recommending this environment to other bursars and students.Ms Lesego Jerrams, Bursary Manager”
Ms Lesego Jerrams, Bursary Manager, Career Wise Bursary Services
“The RBI student body has been extremely satisfied with the quality of accommodation offered, the courteous and assisting nature of the on-site residence staff, as well as various academic and community building initiatives organised by Respublica.”
Mr Ian McLachlan, CEO Royal Bafokeng Institute
“TUT has enjoyed a relationship with Respublica for 2 years now and is satisfied with both the housing and associated services provided.”
Mr Patson Sibanda, Director of Accommodation, Residence Life and Catering 2012, Tshwane University of Technology
“We did extensive research of best-practice in such Public-Private Partnerships, and confirm that we are satisfied that the relationship with Urban Nest / Respublica has delivered in accordance with our requirements and expectations.”
Professor Roelf Visser, Director of Residence Affairs and Accommodation: University of Pretoria
“I came to UJ in 2016 and have nothing but best service from Saratoga. You are able to accommodate my students when they come in Feb and those that come for 2 weeks in June and to my full time students. I deal with students from different university like UFS, UWC, NMU and when they come here for two weeks in June they have nothing but good feedback in relation to their stay at Saratoga, it. I have much respect for people that work at Saratoga from Security guards to the building manager and to the people at Head office. May the relationship we have continue beyond you and I.”
Pumla Mofokeng, UJ NANOSCIENCE