Win 1 year of accommodation


Hatfield Square & Princeton Village Promo
  1. To qualify for this promo you must:

1.1 Have met all the Early Bird Promotion criteria for Hatfield Square and Princeton Village

  1. Benefits of qualifying for this promotion:

2.1. You will go into a lucky draw  to win 1 years free accommodation to the value of:
2.1.1. R76 00 if your residence is Hatfield Square
2.1.2. R58 000 if your residence is Princeton Village

  1. Additional Information:

3.1 One winner per residence
3.2 If you win, any cash that you had paid into your account towards your rental can be refunded when your account reflects the rental credited amount.
3.3 The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be redeemed by yourself
3.4 If you booked a different room type, you will be upgraded to the Studio’s at both Hatfield Square and Princeton Village
3.5 Winners will be announced by 31 March 2021
3.6 Should you check out prior to the end of the year, your remaining sponsored rental will be forfeited and no claims on the remaining prize value will be permitted.