Refer a friend


Refer and Earn 2021
  1. To qualify for this promo you must:

1.1 Referred “friend” must check in by:

Residence Check in by
Eastwood Village 15-Mar-21
Urban Nest 15-Mar-21
Princeton Village 15-Mar-21
Saratoga Village 15-Feb-21
The Fields 15-Feb-21
West City 15-Apr-21
Lincoln House 15-Mar-21
Hatfield Square 15-Mar-21

1.2 The friend must be new to Respublica
1.3 Your account must be up to date before you can receive the cash
1.4 For the “Friend” to meet all the criteria, they must:

  1. How to verify the referral

2.1 Your referred friend is to insert YOUR SMID into the field “Referred By” while completing the Respublica application. No cash will be issued to referrals outside of Hi-Res (Respublica’s student portal)
2.2 Your friend must have a paid up Respublica account before we can give you the cash reward

  1. Benefits of qualifying for this promotion:

You will receive R250 in cash (transferred to a valid South African bank account) per qualified friend that you referred

Note: All cash will be paid out within two weeks of the prescribed check in date of the referred friend.