Eastwood Village and Urban Nest


NSFAS Student Promotion: Urban Nest and Eastwood Village – 2021
  1. To qualify for this promo you must:

1.1 Check into Urban Nest or Eastwood Village by 15 March 2021
1.2 You must be a NSFAS student with proof of NSFAS funding when checking in
1.3 Your account must be debt free before you can receive the voucher

  1. Benefits of qualifying for this promotion:

2.1 Your deposit and admin fee is waivered (this means you don’t have to pay it)
2.2 Urban Nest students get a R500 voucher per semester once checked in
2.3 Eastwood Village students get a R300 voucher per month if you check into a bunked bed
2.4 Eastwood Village students get a R500 voucher per semester for checking into one of the single bed options.

  1. Additional Information:

3.1 Any NSFAS student checking in from 16 March 2021 onwards will not benefit from this promotion and will be required to pay a full deposit and admin fee. Nor will the student qualify for any of the monthly/semester vouchers.
3.2 Should a student that qualified for this promotion check out within 3 months of checking in, all issued vouchers will be invoiced to the students account and be payable to Respublica.