Early bird / Returning students


Early Bird Returning Students
  1. To qualify for this promo you must:

1.1. Complete a Respublica 2021 application by 31 December 2020
1.2. Pay the deposit or have credit to the value of the deposit fee in your Respublica account by 31 December 2020

Residence Deposit Check in by
Eastwood Village R500 15-Mar-21
Urban Nest R500 15-Mar-21
Princeton Village R850 15-Mar-21
Saratoga Village R2000 15-Feb-21
The Fields R2000 15-Feb-21
West City R2000 15-Apr-21
Lincoln House R3000 15-Mar-21
Hatfield Square R4000 15-Mar-21
  1. Benefits of qualifying for this promotion:

2.1. No Admin Fee
2.2. Your 2021 deposit is reduced to the deposit value (as per the above table)*
2.3. When you check in, you just pay your first months rental.*

*Except at Princeton Village where the reduced deposit value is R3000 and the remainder of this deposit is payable on or before check in.

  1. Additional Information:

3.1. Any students that does not apply and pay the deposit by 31 December 2020 will not qualify for this promotion
3.2. Any student that did apply and pay the deposit by 31 December 2020 but checked in after the prescribed check in date, will also not qualify for this promotion. However the deposit will be credited to the account, but an admin fee will be invoiced.
3.4. Students that have a room booked but do not check in at all, the deposit is not refundable.