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Redefine forced to sell R8bn in noncore assets

Redefine forced to sell R8bn in noncore assets. Click here to read article! Business Day Late Final – Companies and Markets – 06 November 2019 – Alistair Anderson

Redefine planning to exit Australia

For sale: wants to sell R8bn in property assets, including its entire portfolio down under. Click here to read article! The Citizen – MoneyWeb – 06 November 2019 – Suren Naidoo

Slow growth delays listing of student housing provider

Respublica misses its target to provide 20,000 beds Student housing provider Respublica — in which SA’s second-largest listed property group, Redefine Properties, has a 51% interest — has shelved its plan to float on the JSE after it failed to meet its 2020 target. Three years ago Respublica CEO and founder Craig McMurray said the... View Article

New Student Residence An Epic Landmark

Imagine this . . . a breath-taking student village with every possible facility available, all inclusive. The architecture and design are key factors, but the products specified are one of a kind and some have never been installed before. This was a mammoth task that took three years to complete and they achieved it seamlessly.... View Article

Purpose Built Student Housing – The Respublica Perspective

Written By – Murray Anderson (House of Communications, API Events). With over 10 000 beds across four cities, Respublica is a pioneer in the field of Purpose Built Student Accommodation in South Africa. JLL’s purpose-built student housing accommodation (PBSA) report released in 2016 altered investor perspective and elevated what was considered a fringe and fragmented and... View Article

New student residence to open its doors for Bloemfontein students in 2018

Students can book their place now to move into Bloemfontein’s newest purpose-designed student residence built by the Respublica Student Living Fund, a joint venture between Respublica and Redefine Properties. The residence will be ready for occupation on 15 January 2018, and includes 58 apartments, each with eight single rooms, two bathrooms, a lounge/dining area and... View Article

Making the most of your second semester

Surviving the first semester of the year has been all about keeping track of time in your busy schedule, from moving into res, orientation, lectures, Rag and all the socialising – not to mention navigating the varsity social scene. Even with the best intentions, certain areas of student life may be neglected, if you don’t... View Article

Hatfield Square has retailers on site for students’ convenience

The Hatfield Square precinct is ready to reclaim its legacy as Pretoria’s student district hot-spot for all the right reasons: a selection of restaurants and lifestyle outlets are open for business in the completely rebuilt student accommodation and lifestyle complex, owned by Respublica. Pizza Hut and Fanakalo offer quick and affordable meals to students, while... View Article

The business of being a student

Transitioning from high school learner to varsity student can be challenging. Some relish in the care-free student lifestyle, while others are eager to take the first step to career success and adulthood. If you find yourself in the second mindset, career-driven and looking for a way to kick start your entrepreneurial journey, private student accommodation... View Article

Unhappy with your student accommodation? Know your rights!

The first semester is almost up, with many students assessing their current living conditions. Students at tertiary institutions across the country find themselves living away from home in rented accommodation – often unaware of their rights when it comes to the property they’re staying in. For those unhappy with their current accommodation, it is important... View Article

Things I wish I knew about res living

Moving into a student residence is more than simply securing a place to eat, sleep and study. It is also a place to create lasting memories, make lifelong friendships, establish networks and to embrace the first step towards becoming an adult. While most universities and tertiary institutions offer some form of on or off-campus residence... View Article

Top tips for choosing student accommodation

Few things are as stressful for parents as setting your child up for tertiary education. It seems like a lot of hurrying up and waiting, and then panicking to tick everything off the to-do list in the few days immediately after matric results are announced in January. One of the top items on that to-do... View Article

Respublica readies for great growth in 2017

Student accommodation management company sets sights on local and international expansion. The need for more custom-designed student accommodation is a universal one, and universities in South Africa and abroad are looking for effective alternative additions to their own facilities, with new development limited by on-campus space, and demand on financial resources. “Student housing can be... View Article

Hatfield Square now open to Pretoria’s students

Respublica is excited to announce that the new Hatfield Square redevelopment officially opened its doors on 1 February 2017. The first phase of the two-phase project is operational and ready for occupation for all students eager to kick-off the 2017 academic year. Within walking distance from the University of Pretoria’s main campus, the new development... View Article

Respublica refreshes its brand

Creating a Respublica community, while retaining a unique brand for each residence in its portfolio. Respublicans, the residents living at Respublica’s various residences, now boast a new look and feel to their home away from home, as the company has revitalised its overall brand along with creating a related but unique brand for each residence... View Article

Why it’s cool to have a roomie at varsity

If you’re used to having your own space at home, the thought of sharing a room or apartment with a stranger at varsity could be a little daunting. However, sharing space comes with a bunch of obvious and hidden benefits, according to Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica. “Leaving home to move into a residence is... View Article

New student accommodation at Hatfield Square on track to open for January 2017

The Hatfield Square redevelopment is on track to open its doors in January 2017, offering Pretoria’s student community a mixed-use precinct that will include state-of-the-art student residences, retail and leisure facilities. Within walking distance of the University of Pretoria’s main campus, the new development will welcome students studying at any tertiary institution in the city.... View Article

New student residence to open in Empire Road

Yale Village set to inspire student community. Students at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS), University of Johannesburg (UJ) and other campuses in the Braamfontein area have a new accommodation option: the new Yale Village on Empire Road will open its doors at the beginning of 2017. Developed by the Respublica Student Living property fund,... View Article

Want to move mid-year? Know your rights…

June is the month that South Africans celebrate the rights of the youth, which extend far beyond the basic right of access to education. With many students living away from home in rented accommodation, it’s also a time to be aware of your rights when it comes to the property you’re staying in – and... View Article

Don’t let your university student accommodation take a back seat

With the known shortage of beds in university residences, and the debate around public and private partnerships to serve the needs of students, Respublica offers an alternative to ensure your child has the perfect place to stay when they kick off their 2017 academic year. Matric pupils face tough choices from which tertiary institution to... View Article

Why it’s cool to have a roomie at varsity

If you’re used to having your own space at home, the thought of sharing a room or apartment with a stranger at varsity could be a little daunting. However, sharing space comes with a bunch of obvious and hidden benefits, according to Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica. “Leaving home to move into a residence is... View Article

Top tips to understanding ALL the costs of student accommodation

Compare apples with apples (and WiFi with WiFi) when choosing student accommodation. When you’ve never stayed in university accommodation before, it’s difficult to know what questions to ask of your potential landlord – and it’s just as difficult to know whether you’ve actually taken all the hidden costs into account when you’re choosing your apartment... View Article

Managing student accommodation is no part-time job

By Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica There is certainly much opportunity in the student housing sector, with shortages on all campuses priming the sector for new development or the adaptation of existing buildings. However, even though there’s great opportunity, there are also challenges, with the sector requiring much more hands-on management than traditional commercial property... View Article

The heart of Hatfield gets fit for the future

Expansive redevelopment plans are set to revitalise this popular district. Pretoria’s Hatfield Square is at the heart of an exciting new development that will inject new life into the popular student district. The new mixed-use precinct will include a state-of-the-art student residences, retail and leisure facilities, all located around a cosmopolitan piazza where people from... View Article

Parents, be prepared! 5 tips for choosing accommodation for your student

With universities openly admitting that they don’t have enough on-campus accommodation for their students, there’s no time like the present to start looking for alternatives for your prospective first year as they head off to university in 2016. The ideal is to find somewhere close to campus, that offers the social support structures found in... View Article

New student residence in Arcadia ready for occupation in early 2016

Eastwood Village adds more beds to meet Pretoria’s student accommodation needs. August 2015, Pretoria – It may be a building site now, but Eastwood Village will welcome students from the University of Pretoria (UP) and the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) when classes start in 2016. “Pretoria is home to a vibrant student community, and... View Article

Living in formal student accommodation supports academic success

Staying in formally structured purpose-built student accommodation is about so much more than securing a roof over one’s head, regular meals and easy access to classes. “Although these are important considerations, social and environmental factors play as much of a role in ensuring the student’s academic success,” says Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica, a leading... View Article

Beat the post-holiday blues

After the long July holidays, University has reopened and life has gone back to normal. Gone are the lazy mornings spent lounging with a book and hot chocolate, and late nights on the dance floor. It’s back to the books… But don’t let the post-holiday blues distract you from everything you love about your studies.... View Article

Global trends in student accommodation influence new SA facilities

It’s no secret that South Africa’s universities are short on accommodation, with the current supply only servicing about 20% of those who need a place to live while they are studying. Many students often find themselves without accommodation before the academic year begins and end up settling in unsafe conditions that are not conducive to... View Article

8 smart questions to ask about student accommodation

You’ve settled into your classes, and the new academic year is well on its way. Lectures are great, the social life is interesting, and assignments are rolling in. Everything would be just great, if only you didn’t have to go back to your noisy residence every afternoon, trudging across town to run the gauntlet between... View Article