Covid 19 FAQs

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Dear Respublicans,

We are very excited to have you back. Rest assured that we have been working tirelessly to ensure that you are returning to a safe and hygienic environment with all the required health protocols firmly in place.

Below are a range of FAQs that will help to answer some of your questions.

    Readmission back to Respublica residences will commence from 13 June 2020.ALL returning students will require written approval from their university or faculty in line with your University protocols.  
    We are required to stagger readmission dates to ensure we avoid large gatherings of students at any time, but this will be aligned as closely as possible with the university approved date. To obtain your confirmation and allocated return date and time for readmission you will need to:
    1. Forward the University approval letter to
    2. Ensure your account is paid up and not in arrears before returning. Only students with fully paid accounts will be readmitted to the residence.
    3. Complete the Respublica online health screen form we will send you by email at least 48 hours before your return date.

    Please do not return to res if you are not feeling well. Instead, contact us, and we can arrange a later return date for you.
    IMPORTANT: No walk-ins will be allowed!


    We have demarcated safe queuing at the entrances to all of our residences. Please ensure that you abide by the physical distancing set in place for your safe readmission to res. Below is the process that will be conducted for your safe return:

    1. Sanitise hands at the entrance and enter wearing a mask 
    2. Complete arrival health screen and temperature check
    3. Account and payment check
    4. Sign for 2 Respublica branded cloth masks
    5. Sign the Student Declaration
    6. Sign amended house rules
    7. Key audit
    8. Load biometrics
    9. Training session
    10. Sign for key

    There are hand sanitiser stations available for your use throughout the readmission process. All staff will be wearing the necessary PPE, and registration stations have the required safety screens in place.


    Respublica would like to thank the students that managed to keep their accounts up to date while staying out of res during the lockdown.Respublica residences have remained open during the lockdown and continued to pay all their staff and services providers regardless of the number of students who remained in residence. During lockdown, students continue to have a binding contract with Respublica and are expected to keep their payments up to date.In acknowledgment of the inconvenience that students experienced during the lockdown, Respublica has launched the Respublica Care Programme to assist all our contracted students for the rest of the academic year. The details are as follows:

    Up to 2 Months free accommodation during December 2020 and January 2021 if your academic year is extended beyond November 2020.
    Available to all existing contracted students whose accounts are fully paid and in good standing as of 15 November 2020.

    A Monthly voucher of R200 from June 2020 to November 2020

    • Each student will receive a monthly Checkers voucher to the value of R200 provided their accounts are fully paid by the 15th of each month
    • Vouchers will be SMS’ed to students mobile numbers to redeem at Checkers
    • Respublica will not be held responsible for an incorrect mobile number supplied by the student
    • It is the responsibility of students to ensure their contact details on Hi-Res are correct
    • Validity and redemption of the voucher as per Terms and Conditions of Checkers.

    Ts & Cs

    • Respublica reserves the right to recover rental payment for the extended academic year to the extent NSFAS or student sponsors make additional funding available to students for December and January 2021.
    • Respublica Care Programme is applicable to all Direct Let, NSFAS, Financial Aid and Bursar students
    • Respublica Care Programme will cease to be available to any student who’s contracted is terminated in terms of their Respublica tenancy agreement.

    A lot of time and effort has gone into getting the residences ready for your return. These include:

    • Health and safety training on your arrival back to res to show you how to keep yourself safe
    • Decontamination clean of the entire residence
    • Revised cleaning frequencies and detergents used by cleaners throughout the residence
    • Students supplied with two branded cloth masks. It is mandatory to wear your mask when you leave your room.
    • Hand sanitiser stations throughout the res (entrances, turnstiles, public kitchens, laundries, PC labs, and lift lobbies)
    • Hand soap and hand paper towel in all public bathrooms
    • Safety screens installed at all public administration areas
    • Students to complete compulsory daily online health screens via Hi-Res system
    • Physical distancing demarcations in all communal areas
    • Signage confirming limitations on the number of people allowed in all communal public areas
    • Dedicated quarantine and isolation areas/rooms
    • Health and safety information displayed on all noticeboards and TV screens
    • COVID-19 committee (staff and student representatives) set up within each residence
    Yes, you can. This will require you to follow a similar process as if you were returning to the residence. Book a time and date to collect your belongings with your Res Manger. The Res Manager will explain the process when confirming your booking.

    Please contact your Res Manager to assist with you with the recommended Respublica protocols covering:

    1. Symptoms of Covid-19
    2. Exposure to Covid-19
    3. Testing positive for Covid-19
    4. Isolation and quarantine protocols

    In all cases, the Res Manager will inform your university and the health authorities of your health status. 

    This response protocol is included in the Respublica Safety video that you will view on your arrival to res and will also be available on our website. A summary of the Respublica Covid-19 Response protocol is also displayed on all noticeboards.


    Yes, our Res Life programme went digital at the start of Lockdown in March and will continue! We have stacks of jam-packed activities planned for all residents, both those in res as well as those that are staying at home!It is mandatory for you to be in the res WhatsApp group to keep up with the programming and get the necessary support that you need while in the residence.

    You will be given the link to the res WhatsApp group on readmission along with the rules of engagement in these groups.

    Virtual house meetings with students will commence from June 2020 onwards.
    Please look out on the noticeboards as well as for updates on the Whatsapp groups for monthly Res Life calendars.