Respublica refreshes its brand

Creating a Respublica community, while retaining a unique brand for each residence in its portfolio.

Respublicans, the residents living at Respublica’s various residences, now boast a new look and feel to their home away from home, as the company has revitalised its overall brand along with creating a related but unique brand for each residence in its portfolio.

“As we continue to expand locally and abroad, the time has come to rejuvenate our brand as a partner of choice to all our student accommodation stakeholders,” said Craig McMurray, CEO of Respublica.

The online roll out went live in January 2017 and all new signage at the residences is underway during the first quarter of 2017.

Each of Respublica’s residences now has its own unique identity, created in line with the company’s overall branding and acknowledging that each residence has its own unique characteristics and collective personality. These unique identities are set to strengthen bonds and traditions within each residence, but have been created with the refreshed Respublica branding in mind, linking the individual locations with the company, and affirming each student’s identity as a member of the extended Respublica family.

The new main Respublica logo includes the individual logos of the first seven residences managed by the company, which include Saratoga Village, The Fields, West City, Eastwood Village, Urban Nest, Hatfield Square and Yale Village. Their logos come together to form and the letter ‘R’, honouring the company’s foundations while positioning it well for growth. As new residences are added to the Respublica portfolio they too will contribute by creating a dynamic logo that will be rotated in all electronic and digital formats of the logo as the Respublica community of residences grows.

“This is just one way that we are building communities within the residences we manage, as well as building a broader “Respublican” community,” explains McMurray. “As we welcome more residences into our portfolio, we are reinforcing the depth of our sporting leagues, inter-res cultural and social activities, and residence life activities that pit the students’ diverse talents against one another, providing students a lifestyle with a strong sense of spirit and community. Together these will build a sense of belonging within the Respublica family, in addition to each student being a part of the broader community found on each university’s campus.”

Respublica’s portfolio of residences currently includes Saratoga Village, Yale Village and The Fields in Johannesburg, which provide accommodation for University of Johannesburg, Central Johannesburg College and University of the Witwatersrand students. In Midrand, Princeton House accommodates students from Pearson International (formerly MGI). In Pretoria, West City, Urban Nest, Eastwood Village and Hatfield Square – accommodate students from Tshwane University of Technology and University of Pretoria. Respublica’s development pipeline includes projects in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Pietermaritzburg, as well as abroad in Melbourne and Brisbane (Australia).